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Ed doing a massage at Covidien

"Having the chair massage at Tyco has helped reduce my neck and shoulder pain (caused by tensing up because of stress). Knowing massage is available at work is great. I've come to count on this and hope it continues. Thank you Ed for being so friendly and professional."

"The chair massage is very helpful in alleviating the pain and stress associated with repetitive motion. It is very helpful in relaxing muscles and getting the blood flowing better. I look forward to it very much each time."

"I would like to take a minute to express my gratitude for the chair massage you provide. I am extremely lucky to have an employer that realizes, as I do, how wonderful a massage is. The benefits from the massage are beneficial for me as an individual as well as an employee. It relieves the stress on me mentally and physically. I am much more productive after my massage. I feel like I could conquer any given task. Again, I would like to thank you for your partnership with my employer and making this working gal's life a little bit nicer."

"Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy the chair massages. Since I sit at my desk using a computer a great deal of time, I especially enjoy the arms and hands part of the massage. It is very relaxing and helps get me through the rest of the day.

I would (and have) recommend the massage for anyone who needs a little pampering. Thanks for coming to Covidien to help de-stress us!!"

"Since the majority of my day at work involves computer work, I find the chair massage to be extremely helpful to relieve the stress in my neck, back and shoulders. I especially love the hand massage after spending hours doing data entry."

"Long before Ed started his massages at Covidien, I was going to a chiropractor at least 4 times a month for my back and my left arm. Never did the pain completely go away. I have been involved with the massage's twice a month for over six months now and what a difference in my back and arm. Ed is very professional along with super friendly. I so look forward to every other Wednesday, for my next chair massage. Thank you Ed and Covidien, I feel great."

"Just a quick note expressing my gratitude for the massage service that you provide. After a 15 minute chair massage during my workday, I feel that I can go back to work and start fresh as if it was the first thing in the morning! Also the hour long massages that you provide cannot be expressed with words. I recommend (and I have to several people!) that pampering yourself with an hour massage is the best thing you can do for yourself."

"A massage from Ed is not only relaxing but therapeutic to my mouse arm, elbow and hands. I absolutely love the head massage part - can't explain it - it just puts me in a very happy place. It's amazing how much tension is relieved by the 15 minutes with Ed ( I can't even fathom a full hour). He's definitely got the magic hands. I just wish I could get in to see him more than I do. I look forward to the Thursdays when I get to sit in the chair."

"I have been getting a massage every week from Ed for almost 5 months. I really look forward to Thursdays because that's when Ed works his magic. At work I spend many hours a day on the computer, and my neck and shoulders often ache. The massages really help with this and are very relaxing and stress relieving."

"Having a massage at work has helped me a lot. As I type all day, a massage relaxes me and especially helps the shoulders. Thanks for coming to the office every week. I really look forward to it."

"My session with Ed is the highlight of my week. I find his personable approach and genuine interest in meeting my needs is overshadowed only by his skill. His hands are exceptional."

"I like the whole massage but the best thing I like is the head massage. It totally takes my mind off everything and could easily put me to sleep. Also, last week when I complained of an aching back, Ed took extra time on that particular area and it helped. TKS Ed!"

"I definitely feel more relaxed during and after one of Ed's massages. Most times it makes me want to go right to sleep! My favorite part is when he runs his hands down each leg. It doesn't last long, but it feels great!"

"Ed is wonderful! He seems to know just the right spots to concentrate on. I consider it 15 minutes of bliss!!!"

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